A happy animal story abut Gigi the kitten and Levi the puppy

As a vet in real life clinical practice, every day brings a new story about animals, and this is one that I felt deserved to be shared. I met Levi today for a minor medical issue, and his owner explained the full background to his adorable dog. It turns out that his story is a shared tale, along with his kitten friend.

I will hand over to Michelle, who owns both animals.

“We got the kitten Gigi first, male at around 8 weeks old then Levi a month later he was 8 weeks, all the way from Cork. I think the timing was important. On Levi’s first night they both snuggled up together and have been best friends ever since. They play every day; Gigi is a bit of a tease. When I’m bringing Levi out to our green Gigi always follows. Gigi is such an affectionate cat; he comes up to my room in the mornings for a cuddle and sometimes helps Levi break into our living room through the sliding doors 😂. Levi’s first night with us, he was quiet. The kitten got in beside him, and he was just happy to have a playmate. It’s been a real blessing during lockdown and they both keep us well entertained. Cuteness overload indeed!”

Animals are as much individual personalities as we humans, and this story about two friends could just as easily be about two young people who met in their new home together. If anyone has stories like this that they would like to share, please contact me: this type of happy tale brings a note of happiness to us all.


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