Ask a vet live Q&A on social media: Pete the Vet on Pedigree Ireland Facebook Pate tonight at 7pm

In recent years, I’ve enjoyed discussing animal issues with a wide audience of people via social media,  mostly via my own Facebook and Twitter accounts. This year, I’ve widened out the discussion net by doing regular question and answer sessions via the Pedigree Ireland Facebook Page.  

To quote Pedigree: “If you need pet advice, join us online tomorrow, Wednesday 5th, from 7-8pm for a live Q&A with Pete the Vet. Pete will be ready to answer any questions you may have on keeping your dog happy and healthy #PawsitiveLiving”

Click here to visit the Facebook page that’s hosting the live Q&A: it should be fun.

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Please note that I am unable to answer veterinary questions in comments. If you have questions or concerns about your pet's health it is always better to contact your vet.

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