The reduction in stray dog deaths in Ireland and the lack of enforcement of dog licences. Podcast from Newstalk’s Pat Kenny Show

The latest dog control statistics have just been published, with records from the nationwide network of dog pounds. As usual, these make interesting reading for anyone interested in animal welfare. To find out more, listen to the podcast below.

Questions from listeners about pets

  • I think my dog is deaf. How can I confirm this, and what can I do to help him?
  • My St Bernard is not putting on weight properly. What can I do about this?
  • My one year old Golden Retriever scratches all the time and eats her own poo. I have tried feeding her a high protein, grain-free diet but it is not helping. What else can I do?
  • My cat never sleeps and claws objects in the house all the time. What’s going on?

To find out Pete’s answers, listen to the podcast below.

Listen to the podcast:

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