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Bring Your Dog to Work Day is happening on Friday 23rd June in Ireland and the UK. Make sure your workplace joins in

To find out more about it:

How to make sure that dogs don’t cause barking chaos in the office

The founders of Bring Your Dog to Work Day in the UK, pet product company HOWND, have suggested simple guidelines to help ensure that Bring Your Dog to Work Day goes smoothly for businesses that want to get involved:

  1. Written consent should be obtained from every office employee before Bring Your Dog to Work Day: some people genuinely feel anxious in the presence of dogs, and agreement of everyone in the workplace is essential.
  2. An accurate record of all dogs in the workplace should be kept so that there are no furry surprises.
  3. Each dog coming to the workplace should be kept on a leash while walking in the building as well as outside, and should carry an ID tag with the owner’s contact details.
  4. Dogs must be clean and well-groomed ahead of their day at work.
  5. Dogs should be well socialised i.e. good natured and comfortable around dogs and people.
  6. Each participating employee should bring a ‘Dog Packed Lunch’ , including treats, toys, water bowl, and food.
  7. Each participating employee should also bring appropriate bedding for their dog, i.e. dog basket, mat or rug, so that their pet has a moveable base during their work day.


Questions about pets from Newstalk listeners this week

  • My 8 years old boy wants to get a tropical fish tank, he has had goldfish before but am I right a tropical fish tank has a lot of work involved.Any advice would be appreciated. Lisa
  • I notice my labrador dog is panting more in this hot weather, he is drinking more water than ever, should I be concerned or is it just this hot heavy weather that is making my dog more thirsty. Fred
  • We really want to get a pet we are in a small 2 bedroom house in Portobello, my boyfriend wants a cat I want a dog. He is under the impression a cat would be less work, is that really true? Would we need to put in a cat flap? I really want to get a small dog, would it be unfair on the dog? Amy
  • Getting a pug puppy soon and looking for advice how to introduce him to our pet cat (8 yes) she is an indoor at, when children have visited she is very patient, and never aggressive. She still likes to play. She will have more access to other rooms then the puppy./also does she need any shots before puppy arrives. Any advice ? Thanks Jonny
  • My dog just got back from the vets 2 days ago, she was put on a general aesthetic and since then we’ve noticed a fog in her eyes. The vet told us she could be going blind however she is only a seven year old Pomeranian and has many years of life left. Will the fogginess pass or is she just going blind?Many thanks, Emma.
  • My dog is almost two and she has NO road sense! She will jump down off the path onto the road for no reason while she’s on the lead (which is short), and I know that if she wasn’t on the lead she would dart across the road to chase birds etc. Is there anything I can do to train her to be more aware of roads, just in case she ever got away from me for some reason?

To find out the answers, listen to the podcast below.

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  • Sharon Parker says:

    Bring your pet to work day is amazing. My dog gets to interact with other pets, and it serves a good dog tracker, since I’ll know he’s always with me.

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