Cats: Loved and hated

I love cats, but there are many people who find them irritating. First, they hunt wild birds in other people’s back gardens. Secondly, they get into fights with other people’s cats, and thirdly, they use neighbour’s seed beds and lawns as toilets. If they kept to their own territory, it wouldn’t be so bad. The fact that they trespass in other people’s back gardens in the real problem. Dog owners are legally responsible for their pets, so that their owners are liable for any damage caused. Cats, on the other hand, are legally classified as independent free agents.

Questions on air

  • My cat climbs into neighbours attic windows & also kills birds in their garden! Messy!! I’m very sorry about it when they get annoyed & complain but what can I do?! I can’t lock the cat up. Steve, Swords
  • Please could you ask Pete if he has any advice regarding getting rid of some of our new dog’s bad habits. I just got her and she is a year old, likes to sleep on beds, sofas, jumps up on us etc. Dee
  • My Labrador pet is sneezing a lot in the last few days; he seems in good form aside from that. He is three years old. What does Pete suggest?  Mary
  • I’ve got 2 dogs: one’s a 7 year old staffy and the other’s a 13 week old staffy bitch, can you give any advice on toilet training her? Thanks Martin, Dun Laoghaire
  • My old cat gets extremely upset with smells like soot or some cooking on grill , she has had periods of intermittent cough but that improved, anything I can do? Kathleen
  • Please would you ask Pete what general precautions should be taken when cleaning a cat’s litter tray in order to avoid contamination with dangerous bacteria? Grainne
  • Ed from Dublin: my one year old Bichon/ Yorkshire mix keeps chewing everything, including slippers, shoes etc.

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