Guest Post: 5 Great Tips For Gardening With Dogs

5 Great Tips for Gardening with Dogs

A house with a garden is lovely, and so is a house with dogs. A house with both is close to perfect … if only the dogs will stop digging out the plants even before they grow. It takes patience, effort, and a little bit of research to make your dog coexist with your flowers. Here are five great tips for gardening with dogs. A house where every living thing lives in peaceful harmony is the real perfect.

Skip the pesticides

Bugs may eat holes through plants to make them ugly, and you need to keep them away from your garden, but pesticides are harmful to dogs as much as they are harmful to bugs. Skip the pesticides. Use natural alternatives to pesticides and use only the ones that are not harmful to dogs. Natural alternatives to pesticides take a lot of work, but a lot of work is better than dead dogs or a high bill at the veterinary clinic. The hard work will be worth it.

Latch your gates

Dogs may be pets and pets belong to a home, but just like you, dogs can get upset when they spend too much time indoors. They also need to run outside, smell the winds, bask in the sun, exercise and be entertained. Other than regular walks, you have to let your dogs out of the house every now and then. When you let your dogs out of your house, latch your gates to ensure that your dogs don’t wander out of your property and get lost or get ran over by a passing vehicle. This will also keep your dogs from chasing delivery men and the neighbors’ children.

Build pathways

Dogs like to dig and be wild. When you send them out into your property, they will dig and tear things apart anywhere. They will also mess up your garden. They don’t do it out of malice. It’s just natural behavior for dogs because your garden was in their way. Dogs cannot see the difference between the garden and the other parts of your property, so help them see the difference. Build pathways to help them walk past your garden. Pathways also help keep your dogs’ paws from getting muddy, lessening those instances where you have to wipe muddy paw prints from your floor. Dogs naturally learn to follow pathways over time. Pathways are also helpful in lawn care since they keep people from walking on the grass. Help everyone stay away from killing the plants.

Grow barrier plants

Grow barrier plants like roses and other plants that you can use to keep your dogs from wandering into your garden. Barrier plants are beautiful and useful. Barrier plants double as the barrier that secures the garden and as additional decorations. Your beautiful garden will be even more beautiful once surrounded by the bloom of roses. Your dogs will not trample the roses because the thorns of the roses will keep them away. Thorny plants can guarantee that your dogs will steer clear of the flowers. Your dogs will learn to walk around your garden instead of on it.

Use fertilizer carefully

Fertilizers are essential to gardening. They make our plants prettier and healthier. Fertilizers can make our dogs sick, though. Use fertilizers carefully by choosing them well. Choose the brands and types of fertilizers that are not harmful to dogs. Read the label of each fertilizer to find out for how long after their application you can let your dogs get near to the plants. After using fertilizers, watch out for unusual behavior in your dogs. As soon as you feel that something is wrong, rush your dogs to the veterinarian right away.


This article was written by Jane Anderson

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