Taking your pet on holidays – at home or abroad

Are you one of those lucky people who still has to take your summer holiday? If you want to take your pet with you, there’s plenty to think about.

Here are some bullet points from the Ireland AM show:

Pet friendly hotels and restaurants

Plan in advance – pets are not always welcome. There are a couple of useful sites that can help you to plan:

Safety devices for cars

  • Metal grid behind rear seat
  • Portable carrier
  • Harness to clip to seat belt

Ferries and flights

  • Make sure that you have your pet passport up to date.
  • Ask your vet to check documents and microchip before you go.
  • Many airlines do not accept pets: easiest to book via a pet travel company
  • Ferries are more flexible, with special kennels for dogs

Reducing stress during journeys

  • Place an old sweatshirt or tshirt in your pet’s bed.
  • For dogs, an Adaptil pheromone collar helps with nerves
  • For cats, spray the carrier with Felifriend spray (both available from vets)
  • If sedative/anti-anxiety medication is needed, talk to your vet

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Please note that I am unable to answer veterinary questions in comments. If you have questions or concerns about your pet's health it is always better to contact your vet.

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