The latest madness: want a young version of your elderly dog? Dog clones now available in the UK: only £63K each

An artificially created identical genetic copy of your dog? Would you really consider such a thing?

Clones- precise genetic copies of living creatures – used to be the stuff of science fiction. They are now a reality: a South Korean company has just launched its dog cloning service in the UK. For £63000, they will create a carbon-copy of your pet, either from a biopsy of a living dog, or from tissue harvested from a recently deceased animal.

The science behind the process is fascinating. A small piece of living tissue is obtained from a pet by collecting a small skin biopsy from the back of the neck or the inside of the leg. If the decision to carry out cloning is taken after the end of a dog’s life, it’s not too late: a viable sample can be collected up to five days after a dog’s death. The samples are shipped in refrigerated containers to the cloning company.

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