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Regular exercise is an important part of caring for your dog, and this week, National Walk Your Dog Week, aims to remind people of their obligations to their pet. To watch a short video discussing this, follow the link at the foot of this page.

The importance of dog walking

Dogs need to be taken for walks not just for the physical exercise, but also for their mental wellbeing. Typically, going out for half an hour twice daily is the ideal, although this does vary from pet to pet.

Safety when out walking dogs in autumn and winter

In the poor lighting conditions of Ireland in the autumn and winter, it’s important to be as highly visible as possible. From reflective jackets to armbands to headlamps and hand held lights, there are plenty of ways for people to make themselves more visible. However it’s equally important to make sure that our dogs, beside us, are equally easy to see..
The ideal option would be not to walk dogs beside the road when visibility is poor. This might mean changing your routine, going for walks at lunchtime rather than before or after work. Of course, for many commuters, this just isn’t possible.

Useful ways of lighting up your pet

In this short video clip, I show a number of products that can be used to help to make dogs more visible when out walking in poor light conditions.

  • Dogs Creek Coat €59.99 (ultra reflective)
  • Anione Reflective Lead €16.99
  • Anione Reflective collar €4.99
  • Anione light up silicone collar €9.99
  • Anione LED Harness €29.99
  • Dogs Creek light up collar €17.99
  • Dogs Creek light to attach to collar €14.99

All of these products are available at Maxizoo or other pet shops nationwide, as well as online outlets like Pete’s new website,

To watch the video clip, follow the link below.

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