Pet Subjects Rescue: Cats


James is a lovely tabby adult male cat.

James featured in the Telegraph earlier this year. Handsome James is a lovely tabby adult male.  He is being been treated for for an allergy and will need to stay on his medication indefinitely.


Bobby the cat who is a big softy.

Bobby featured in the Telegraph earlier this year. Bobby was a long term stray, but despite his efforts of living rough he is still a big softy with a friendly nature.


Pharaoh a middle aged cat.

Pharaoh featured on 5th July 2013Pharaoh is a lovely middle aged cat. He is very affectionate and loves other cats and people.


Poppy, a 12 year old cat

Poppy featured in May 2013Poppy came into our care when her owner died and she has been with us for a whole year now.

Katie the cat

Katie features this weekend - 15th/16th November 2013Katie is looking for a new home as she wasn't enjoying living with the young children that joined her family over the years.

Snoop, a friendly cat

Snoop featured in March 2013Cats Protection rescued Snoop from being a stray and, although they managed to find his owner, they weren’t able to take him back.


Jess, a one-year-old spayed female cat.

Jess featured on the 23rd January 2013This week’s rescue pet is Jess, a one-year-old spayed female. For more information, contact the Blue Cross in Torbay on: 0300 777 1550 or visit bluecross. org.


Lucy, a friendly young cat

 Lucy was featured on 20th February 2013Lucy was a stray until Cat's Protection took her into their foster care.


Oreo a little kitten looking for a home

Oreo featured  in September 2012Over the past month the Bath Cats & Dogs Home has been inundated with kittens and pregnant cats. There are now more than 25 beautiful kittens looking for homes.