How do vets decide when euthanasia is the right choice?

How do vets help owners decide that euthanasia is the right choice?

Euthanasia of pets is a momentous decision for pet owners, and vets are often asked to help owners make that decision.

Last week, after attending the BSAVA congress, I wrote a piece in the Telegraph reflecting on one of the “big issues” discussions that took place: how does one judge the timing of euthanasia of a much loved pet?

Some debate on this subject takes a cynical view, mistakenly suspecting that some money-grabbing vets deliberately keep suffering animals alive so that they can extract more money from emotionally irrational owners who don’t want to say goodbye to their beloved “fur-children”. It was obvious from the tone of the weekend discussion that this is far from the truth. The euthanasia decision is an emotional challenge, with many vets finding it difficult to judge how best to help owners choose “the right time”.

No vet feels that you can take a life lightly

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