From dog vaccines to itchy cats and more

This week on Newstalk, we answered a range of questions from pet owners.

  1. I have two toy Jack Russells aged 7 which I inherited 18 months ago. I had them checked by the vet and all is good. However he recommends having them vaccinated against rat viruses yearly. What do you think of this? From Mick Wright in Kilkenny.
  2. My dog’s poop has not been solid for the last few days. He seems to be able to control the flow, but it just isn’t solidifying, however he is happy enough otherwise and I am keeping him hydrated. What could be the reason? From, John
  3. I have a Collie who is 1 year old and terrified of rugs. I have to shake it out well away from him and it’s also the same if horses are going down the road, he gets very bad. Why do you think this is?
  4. My rescue Border Collie, Leeloo, is a scavenger always looking for food out on the streets. We’re worried she may grab something harmful for her one day. Is there a way to stop the habit? She’s very obedient otherwise and she knows she’s not allowed to do it, seems like she can’t help it? From, Karo
  5. Our springer spaniel is just over a year old and he’s adorable but very nervous. This manifests itself with certain behaviours such as peeing which is a real problem for us. One only has to look sideways at him or call his name and he pees, is there any way to fix this with him? From, Ellen
  6. My neutered Tomcat, 5 years old, is self barbering a large area on his back since I took in a kitten abandoned in front of my house. They don’t fight and do play together. Two steroid injections and adding a calming agent to his food has not helped. He also went mad with a cone on. Any suggestions? From Karen in Kilkenny
  7. Can a dog go into a respiratory arrest from lying in front of a fire. Luckily I spotted he was not breathing and was completely limp,we shook him and after 30secs. He came alive. He is 12 yrs old. We had just got a new stove and there was fumes emitting from it and a window was open.
  8. Pat can you ask Pete about my dog, she’s 8 yr old half jack Russell half beagal, she’s very protective of us and is great with my kids but she can be very aggressive towards other adults and I wouldn’t trust her, she has sores in her ears at the moment and feel she would be very hard to get to the vet and she would show her teeth to me, I’d be afraid she would bite, what would he advise thanks Grainne


  1. My new 11 week old puppy won’t eat. We have tried 5 different types of kibble and putting in a tiny bit of chicken. She picks the chicken out and won’t eat anything else. We have tried it microwaved as well – Ciara
  2. What’s is Pete’s view on the use of electric shock collars as a training aid for dog’s, thank you, Paul Dublin

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