The justice system and animal cruelty in Ireland

This morning we discussed the way that the justice system deals with cases of animal cruelty in Ireland, and we compared similar cases in England.

We also answered some queries from listeners, as follows:

  • I have a big dog, actually a German Shepard/ Collie mix and currently he is getting two hours of exercise a day off the lead. But he’s still full of energy even after this. I was wondering what else should I do in terms of exercising him? He pulls up my flowerbeds in the garden because he has so much energy. From Maggie.
  • Can you use baby oil as a treatment for ear mites?
  • I used to have a flock of about 14 sparrows in my back garden in the city centre. I used to feed them and really loved having them around but last week they just disappeared. Can you think of anything as to why they have left? Or is there anything I can do to maybe persuade them back? Ann in Dublin

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