Pete the Vet website update: my mission in life, my Pet Subjects book and my Pet Subjects newspaper columns

My mission in life

“Animals have done us no harm and they have no power of resistance. There is something so very dreadful in tormenting those who have never harmed us, who cannot defend themselves, who are utterly in our power.”
― John Henry Newman

This quote is important to me: it explains why I feel that it is so important to care for animals, and why I do my best to promote good quality information about everything in the animal world, especially in veterinary care, but also in any area where animal welfare is compromised.

As part of my drive to spread the word about pet care, I’ve been busy in recent weeks, promoting my new book and I’ve also been continuing to write my weekly Pet Subjects column in the Daily Telegraph.

My Pet Subjects book

I enjoyed writing the book immensely, sharing some of the more intriguing, funny and sometimes sad stories from my daily life as a vet. I’ve also been enjoying promoting the book, both in Ireland and in the UK (and next week, on a European radio station too).

If you like reading short, entertaining, informative stories about pets, you’ll enjoy my book (and if you know anyone who likes animal, it’d be a gift they’d value).

If you’d like to buy a copy, see the links at the foot of this page.



My Pet Subjects newspaper column in the Daily Telegraph

I’ve been writing the column every week for a decade now: it had always been published in the Saturday Telegraph, but since the start of this year, it’s moved to the Sunday Telegraph: on the back page of the Sunday pull-out section. For a while, it was not available on the Telegraph website, but happily, that’s been sorted now, so if you miss buying the paper on a Sunday, you can check it out later online.

I don’t feel the need to write a full blog post about the weekly column, but I will start to add it to the noticeboard on my website, so if you want to catch up with it, you can always find the appropriate link there.

As many of you know, my Facebook page has become the way that I connect with most people, but I continue to use my Pete the Vet website as my central archive, using this as a resource to store most of the online work that I do, whether in print, on tv, radio or otherwise.

We live in an exciting era of communications, and I love it. It’s an ongoing challenge to keep abreast of the changes in how we all talk to (and listen to) one another, but it’s an enjoyable challenge.


My other animal-related writing in the Telegraph

For many years now, I have been writing regular online pieces for the Daily Telegraph website. These articles are online-only, which makes them slightly lower profile, with less restriction on word count, and one of the advantages of this is that I have more space to choose exactly which topic I’d like to write about.

If anyone has a topic they’d like me to cover, please send me a message, and I will do my best to write about the subject in due course.

You can find links to all my recent Telegraph writing follow this link.



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