Pete’s cat Peig introduces the Petfix Club store

The online pet store is one of the key parts of Petfix Club, open to everyone, members and non-members, for the month of December. Who better to introduce this than Pete’s cat Peig? She’s a two year old Maine Coon cat who has strong opinions. And she is a key member of Pete’s panel when it comes to selecting new products for the Petfix Store. She is our in-house specialist: she road tests all new feline foods, toys and treats.

What is the Petfix Club store?

The Petfix Club online store has been designed to be the pet shop that Pete and Peig would like to go to themselves. The two of them, with a bit of help from Finzi and Kiko on the dog side, have selected every item in the store. The brief was to source good quality items, at the best possible prices. And to have a few, fun, novelty items, like the treat-filled advent calendars. Peig has been enjoying her daily door-opening, but she’s a bit miffed that she wasn’t chosen to be the model featuring on the calendar herself. It’s no wonder that she wasn’t selected if she’s going to make faces like this one! Maybe next year if she works on her poses!

What can you buy in the Petfix Club store?

For starters, there’s a huge selection of dry and wet food, collars, leads and harnesses, toys and accessories for dogs and cats. It has been an enjoyable challenge filling a warehouse with a wide range of good-quality, interesting and useful pet products.

Take a look for yourself: we have some particularly interesting bits and pieces in the run up to Christmas, because we realise that many people really want to treat their pets, just like they are treating other members of their household.

New, Christmas-friendly products include:

  • Eco-Friendly cat beds (and dog beds too) made out of 100% recycled PET bottles.
  • Cat Wall ladder: the perfect place for cats to nap, explore and survey their kitty kingdom.
  • Catit Flower Water Fountain uses running water to encourage your pet to drink more.
  • Dog Tweed Set – matching collar, leash and bandana from Don’t Forget The Dog.
  • Sniffe & Lickit – collection of dog-focussed grooming products – and Petfix Club are the exclusive stockists of this range in Ireland

Can petfix club help me choose what’s best for my pet?

In line with the Petfix Club concept of using the latest computerised technology to personalise your experience, Petfix Club members enter the details of each of their pets (name, age, gender, species, breed/type). Then when you go shopping for each pet, the website will recommend individually appropriate items for them (Peig certainly doesn’t want to see dog food, rabbit bedding or other non-feline bits and pieces).

What if I want something that isn’t in the Petfix Club store?

Petfix Club is a new website, and as such, it is gradually developing the range of products that it stocks. The website has started out with a broad baseline of the best products but if there is anything missing that you need for your pet, just ask, give it a few days and it will be found for you.

As well as Peig’s favourite cat products, there’s a wide range of dog food, treats and accessories, as well as bedding and food for rabbits and hamsters, and even products for other creatures too, such as food for the wild birds in your garden.

How much are the delivery charges from the Petfix Club store?.

Petfix Club has negotiated a great deal with An Post delivery couriers, and prices depend on what, exactly, you are ordering. You’ll be told the precise sum at the check out.

The ideal way is, of course, to get delivery for free, and you can do that simply by ordering over €50 at one time. If you are buying a month’s supply of food, some parasite treatments and a few treats, you may find that you reach that target easily enough


What sort of treats and food is available?

This was Peig’s first question! Her favourite store items so far have been the Thrive range of treats and tinned wet food.

Soon enough, in early January, Peig is looking forward to the Petfix Club own brand of dry food, created with ingredients specially selected by Pete, based on his own experience of feeding his own pets. They are all in excellent health, with bright eyes and shiny coats, largely due to their top quality nutrition. You’ll hear more about the new range of foods in the near future.

What about deliveries in time for Christmas?

The Petfix Club store will stay open right up till Christmas, but if you want to guarantee delivery for that date, you need to order quickly: An Post have said that items posted after 15th December may not make it in time for the big day. So don’t delay, make your choice and order today!

Do Petfix Club members get extra benefits in the store?

For the month of December, the Petfix Club store is open to everyone, not just to members. But there is a special bonus for those who sign up for their thirty days of free membership: an extra 5% off our already keen prices.

What does Peig think of it all?

Miaow. Purr, purr, purr.

I think that says it all.


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