Petfix Club: Kiko introduces the personalised pet planner

Our new website, Petfix Club, has just launched, and I’ve already written a blog post about how much pet lovers can gain from registering as members (you can do this for free, for 30 days). The essence is that Petfix Club members will be helped to ensure that they attain optimal health, wellness and lifespan of their pets. But specifically, what does that mean?

There’s so much on the site that I’ve decided to break down the features into easily digestible chunks. This week, to start with , Kiko is helping me to explain the personalised pet planner.

Does Kiko’s life measure up to it’s full potential?

The Personalised Pet Planner

The personalised pet planner is one of my – and Kiko’s – favourite features of Petfix Club. I know from experience that most pet owners aim to do the best for their pets, but it is so easy to go wrong, accidentally.
The personalised pet planner is a simple way of reviewing what you are doing for your pet: it’s a bit like an NCT for your pet’s lifestyle.

First, you need to register on the site, and enter in your pet’s basic details (Kiko is a 10 year old, female neutered, cross-bred terrier). You then click on the Personalised Pet Planner button, and follow the guide on the computer or phone screen. It takes about ten minutes to complete this.

Kiko’s secret life

So I had to answer a range of questions about Kiko’s private life, from what she eats, where she sleeps, how she spends her time, to what sort of parasite control I give her, how many walks she has, how many doggy friends she has, and what toys she has.
At the end of the process, when I clicked “finish”, my screen filled with a personalised review of Kiko’s life, including assessments of every aspect of her life with me (seventeen different areas, in total, with up to seven recommendations in each area: it’s very comprehensive).
The report is colour coded, as follows:

  • green means that I have already got everything right
  • amber means that a few tweaks will help Kiko be healthier, happier and enjoy life more
  • red indicates areas where I really need to take urgent action

This simple report allows owners to fine tune how they look after their pet, making sure they are doing everything to give them the healthiest, happiest life possible.

So how did Kiko score?

I am happy to say, that Kiko’s report card was very good, as you might expect for a pet belonging to a vet.

Green: she scored 56 points (out of 64, or 88%) , covering most of her life. I’m relieved to know that I am genuinely managing to tick most of my little dog’s boxes!

Amber: Kiko got 7 points. There are still a few areas where I could improve things for Kiko. Although she is fed a top quality diet, she has a knack for scoffing the cat’s wet food when she gets a chance and her waistline gets a bit paunchy from time to time (she once got stuck in the cat flap, like Winnie the Pooh). I need to do better at stopping her from sneaking in and stealing their food.

The planner also picked up that she is just due to have her monthly wormer (I was about to give it anyway), she could do with some new toys to keep her interest up, and that’s about it.

I found it useful for myself to get this quick reminder about what I need to do. I know that for many pet owners, who aren’t as aware of pets’ needs as I am, these type of recommendations really will make a big difference to the health, welfare and contentment of their pets.

Kiko once ate so much that she pulled the cat flap out of the door with her

Red: Kiko marked up one solitary point, and I knew this would happen. Kiko is not covered by pet insurance. As a vet, I have made a decision that I can look after most of her needs myself. However I strongly recommend insurance for most pet carers as a way of ensuring that they are always able to give the best possible veterinary care to their pets.

Would every pet benefit from the personalised pet planner?

Yes, I think that if my own Kiko was helped by having this done, it’s very likely that every pet in Ireland would benefit. There is always some tweak that can be done to improve pets’ lives, and when you are living with an animal, in a set routine, it can be difficult to spot any weak areas.

Parasite control is the most obvious area where people get it wrong. Many pet owners either fail to dose their pet often enough, they use products that don’t work (e.g herbal drops that are ineffective), or they may even use potent medication that may not be needed for their pet’s isolated lifestyle.

Vets do their best to guide people in this area, and they do a great job at keeping pets safe, but vets can’t reach everybody, all the time. This is an area where pet owners often fail, through lack of knowledge and understanding.

The Pet Planner gives personalised feedback that makes sure that people are doing the right thing for their pet, using the right product, at the right time.

Just ask Kiko if you don’t believe me.

To complete the personalised pet planner, sign up
for your free thirty day trial at Petfix Club.

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