Please share this. It’s Puppy Awareness Week. Don’t buy from a puppy farmer

This week in Dublin Port, another batch of puppy-farmed puppies were confiscated as they were smuggled out of Ireland to the lucrative UK market. Many such puppies don’t leave Ireland: they are instead peddled to new Irish puppy owners.

People are often not aware that they are buying from a puppy farmer. To mark Puppy Awareness Week (12-18 September), the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) has released a short educational video explaining how to avoid doing this.

P.U.P.S. is a public awareness campaign aiming to ensure that the public always buys from a responsible breeder rather than accidentally propping up the puppy farm trade. It’s an easy way for any puppy purchaser to avoid being an unwitting part of the cruel puppy trade, by reminding them to always ask just a few simple questions before they buy:

  • Parent – make sure you always see mum and her pups together
  • Underage – it is illegal to sell a puppy under the age of eight weeks
  • Papers – check the puppy has vaccination papers and a clean veterinary check
  • Sickness – check the puppy is healthy, energetic and has a good appetite

As part of the campaign IFAW has made a unique and thought provoking short video in the style of a kitsch children’s toy commercial about the hidden horrors of the puppy trade. All that’s needed now is for the commercial to reach as many people as possible.

Please share this post and let’s spread the video as widely as possible: let’s get the word out there.

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