Product review: Fed up with wet dogs in your car and home? Try the Siccaro WetDog range of coats, gloves and mats

Water and dogs: a problem that needs to be sorted

February must be one of the coldest, wettest months of the year in the UK and Ireland, and when you live with dogs, this creates two big challenges.
First, how can you make sure that your beloved mutts remain dry, warm and comfortable after an energetic outdoor run?

And second, how can you stop those adorable creatures from creating muddy, messy foot prints and splatter in your home?

A Danish answer to the dilemma

An innovative Danish company has come up with a range of three products that work together to minimise the impact of muck and moisture on pets and their homes.

Lissen Marschall, who founded Siccaro, won Business Woman of the Year in Denmark for the WetDog products. She’s the daughter of Peter Marschall, an innovative pet product designer who is best known for the “Buster” protective dog collar which became the industry-standard Elizabethan collar when it was launched in the 1970’s. Creating cleverly designed products for dogs must be built in to the Marschall genome.

The idea for the WetDog range followed Lissen’s discovery of a super-absorbent material for human professional hair salons who needed to dry human hair quickly and efficiently. Lissen’s team had discovered a super-absorbent material that could be reused and which maintained its structure and shape. When a friend used a sample of the material to dry her poodles after grooming, Lissen realised the potential of the product to help dog owners. She quilted the absorbant material together with bamboo towelling to make the robe more solid, to contribute extra absorbency and to reduce the srong odour of wet dogs: the bamboo fabric has anti-bacteria properties.

Once she had created the combination of outer fabric plus inner absorbent drying material, Lissen went on to design three products that complement each other, and I’ve been trying them all out on my own dogs.

Siccaro’s WetDog™ drying robe

This is a super-efficient dog drying coat that removes 80 per cent of moisture from a dog’s soaking wet coat within 15 minutes. I find it perfect for Finzi after walks: she loves water, rolling in puddles and paddling in ponds. I put this on her immediately after the walk before she gets into the car: it stops the car getting soaked, and by the time she gets home, her coat is almost dry. Apparently the lining absorbs up to eleven times its own weight in water. The coat is easy to care for and can be machine-washed at 30 degrees when it becomes dirty.

Siccaro’s DryGloves™

These gloves – made of the same material – are really useful at the end of the drive home from Finzi’s walk. After taking off the drying robe, I use these to give her an all-over massage, removing any extra moisture from her coat. She enjoys it too: who doesn’t like a good rub down?

FlexDog Mat™

This mat – again made from the outer quick-dry towelling and the inner absorbent centre – is used in two places in our home.

First, in the back of the car, as a surface for wet Finzi to jump onto after her walk. Just as the drying robe keeps her dry on top, this mat stops any moisture on her underside from leaking into the car boot. It helps keep our car dry and free of any doggy odours.

Second, after we have dried the mat on our Aga, it works as the idea dog bed in the kitchen, where Kiko enjoys lying on it on the floor in front of the always-warm Aga. It has a soft, spongy texture, so it’s comfortable to stretch out on. And if she’s a bit wet after a walk, she dries out quicker than ever.

The Siccaro WetDog range is available at pet shops and online: if you want an innovative, useful way of managing your dogs’ wetness, they’re well worth the investment.

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