Tea cup pigs? Here’s the truth from Pete the Vet on TV3’s Ireland AM

Pigs as pets?

A baby pig pet sounds so charming, and the idea of a pig that never gets much bigger than a small dog sounds interesting.
Pigs are at least as intelligent as dogs, and they often have huge personalities. So why not have one as a pet?

  • So-called “teacup” pigs have become increasingly popular as pets, but this is nearly always based on false understandings of what is involved.
  • The truth is that there’s no such things as pigs which stay the size of a teacup. These animals are really potbellied pigs who are either deliberately underfed so that they remain smaller than average or are falsely advertised as being “mini.” Most of them are at least the size of a Labrador, and often bigger by the time they are fully grown.
  • A large, boisterous animal like this is a complex creature to have living living in
  • For this reason, many people get cute piglets only to discover that it’s impossible to keep them as they grow older and bigger, and they have to rehome them. This can be very upsetting for everyone.
  • Pigs are social, playful, protective animals who love the company of their own species, and they love to be outside, playing, rooting around in woodland, engaging with their environment
  • You also need to consider legal aspects: as farm animals, pigs are tightly regulated, including travel, living conditions and other issues
    You may also struggle to find a vet who is experienced in treating pigs as pets
  • So the question is: can you provide for their needs? A smallholding may be able to, but a suburban home will struggle

    To watch the video, follow the link below.

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