Ten must-know facts about dog worms

Finzi, the rescue dog, accompanied Pete the Vet on his weekly vet pet care spot on Ireland AM

Finzi, my own dog (pictured above when she was ill) was nearly killed by dog worms. She was an older puppy who had obviously never been wormed by her previous owner, and she had collapsed from severe gastroenteritis caused by the parasites. She recovered after intense treatment, but I will never forget her brother: his dead body was found a few days after we’d found Finzi. He had collapsed in deep undergrowth and had not been found until it was too late.His life could have been saved if his owner had taken the simple, inexpensive step of making sure that he de-wormed the litter of puppies.

ten SImple facts about worms that should be learned by everyone

I have written a blog post over at the Telegraph that summarises the essential information about dog worms: to read this article, follow the following link .

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