The huge impact of noise stress on dog behaviour

I’ve just written a piece on the impact of noise stress in dogs, as my latest online post for the Daily Telegraph. You can read it by clicking on the link at the foot of this post.

It’s so easy – as humans – to forget that dogs live in a world that must seem very different to our own. Can you imagine a world where your hearing and smell senses were massively magnified? It’s no wonder that dogs sometimes seem to behave irrationally – they are being influenced by factors that we cannot really perceive properly.

Recent work, by Jon Bowen, behaviourist at the Royal Veterinary College in London, does a good job at elevating our awareness of the importance of hearing to dogs. Jon is in the process of carrying out an extensive survey into the situations that cause dog to behave badly. He’s running an online analysis at the moment – if you want to join in, click on the link at the end of my Telegraph article to take part.

I’ll be reporting on more of his work in future. It’s fascinating stuff. The more we learn about dogs, the better we understand them, and our relationship with them will improve accordingly.

Read the Telegraph link to find out more.

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