The unconditional love of pets in lockdown

One of the unexpected bonuses of the past year has been the increased connection between people and pets. I myself have encountered this in my home: my pets have become one of my main social communities, in the absence of the usual number of visitors to our home. We have five animal residents at the moment: Finzi, aged 8, Kiko, aged 11, Sushi and Couscous, my sixteen year old cats, and Peig, our youngest cat, who’s nearly three now. Working from home, these animals are around me all the time, so I have grown to know them more than ever before.

I am not the only one to notice this effect – the Guardian has published this interesting series of interviews with people sharing their own “pets and COVID” stories.

This has to be positive: appreciation on the animals in our lives is good for us, and good for them.

(Thanks to Brian Meade for permission to use this photo)

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