Today is Bad Nose Day at Crufts. Pete the Vet Podcast with Newstalk’s Pat Kenny

Bad Nose Day at Crufts

Crufts starts today in Birmingham – as usual there are many Irish entrants. There is always controversy linked to Crufts and this year, Friday 10th March was dubbed Bad Nose Day (Red Nose Day is the comic relief fundraising day in late March, so there’s an ironic link to that). The reason for the title is that Friday was the day for brachycephalic dog judging – the ones with squashed noses. A controversial call was made for visitors to take pics of examples of squashed noses – good bad and indifferent. And the owners of dogs with very flattened noses were worried that their dogs were going to be “nose shamed”.

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Questions from listeners

  • Why does my Corgi dog eat her poo. Mary in Tipperary
  • I have a Border Collie who I would like to register. I don’t have her parentage as she’s from two unregistered farm dogs. She’s a lovely example of a collie, can I register her somehow?
  • How can I stop my Australian Terrier from play biting. 18 month old rescue dog. Ann
  • I got a 4 yr old German Pointer bitch last weekend, she had some mange (cured) her ears and other bits are bald, am using antiseptic cream, will the hair regrow, anything else i should be doing. Thanks Larry
  • My cat came in with some other cat’s fur caught in his paws! I’ve seen him play fight with a neighbouring cat a few times, but it looks like it got out of hand this morning. Is there any way of stopping him fighting? I’m afraid one of them will get badly hurt.
  • I have a 2 year old Jack Russell he is a very playful dog but has a habit of racing up the stairs each time I go up the stair. But he races up and each time tries to get under my feet and same on the way down. If I lock him in the room he will bark the house down, is there anyway I can train him to slow down?
  • Are Cocker spaniels always stubborn, I have a female 2 yrs old, a nightmare to train. Ron
  • My elderly cat has started to pee indoors – have checked for infection and kidneys. All well. What to do?
  • We rescued a staffie who is 3 years old. She is deathly afraid of other dogs, panics, cries and ultimately gets aggressive which from a staffie can be a little scary. No idea what to do, have no idea of her background and why she’s like this. Simone from Dublin

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