Why Animals Need a Safe and Comfortable Place to Sleep Too

The topic of sleep for our pets is often neglected, which is why I’m publishing this thoughtful guest post discussing slumbering pets.

Finding the perfect place to sleep can be difficult for both pets and humans. Funnily enough, pets struggle from some of the same issues with sleep that humans do.

We all need to feel safe and comfortable in order to properly sleep through the night. Humans need to sleep for between seven and eight hours a night on average. Depending on what kind of animal, you have they might need to sleep for between 12 and 22 hours a day, making their sleep environment even more important than our own.

Unlike humans, however, pets often have very little control they’re sleeping environment. As pet owners, we get to choose the type of bedding that they sleep on, the temperature of the room they sleep in, or even the kind of food they eat. That’s why it’s important that we make sure that we give them the best options for their needs.

Cats and dogs, especially as they get older, need more support for their aging joints than some other pets do. This means that they will need something to sleep on, such as a memory foam pad or a few extra blankets. Cats will be contrary, of course, and sleep on whatever they like – whether it’s the expensive bed you bought them, your pillow or the very warm cable box. With that in mind, you should offer at least three different sleeping spots for them throughout the house – preferably places where they already sleep.

Animals often like to be in the same room as their favorite people, which is why we recommend that you offer them a selection of spaces to sleep on – some that are good for warming up, some that are good for cooling down and some that are neutral.

While you might not want them in bed with you because they can spread allergens in their fur or because they disrupt you while you sleep, it can be difficult to keep them out. Especially when it gets cold outside. If your pet likes to sleep with you, you will want to upgrade your mattress to something that reduces the amount of movement you feel when they jump in and out of bed.

One of the best ways to keep them out of bed with you is to train them to enjoy being in their crate, or have them sleep in a separate room, though this can be difficult. Create a bed in their crate that is comfortable for them and make sure that they feel comfortable sleeping without you

If you aren’t sure exactly what your pet needs, pay attention to where they choose to sleep in your house. if they are often going for warmer, cushier spots,  change up their beds to be more like where they’re choosing to sleep. If they are going for cooler spots, try finding some cooling materials like bamboo to make them more comfortable while they sleep. If all else fails, talk to your vet about what they recommend for your pet and their particular health needs.

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