Wild animals in circuses must be banned in Ireland

This week on the Pat Kenny Show, we discussed the reasons why Ireland needs to introduce a complete ban on the use of wild animals in circuses.

Please sign the petition to support the ban on wildlife being used in circuses: click here.

If in doubt about this, read the ISPCA report on wild animals in circuses, by clicking here.

Under the EU Zoos Directive (from which circuses are exempt because they cannot meet the standards), all member states must introduce zoo standards. The standards for elephants are based on the welfare needs of elephants in captivity. Circuses are exempt, so they don’t need to meet these standards – however, the welfare needs of an elephant are the same in a zoo or a circus and it is not acceptable that a zoo must meet these requirements while a travelling circus does not. If they can’t meet these standards then they should not be permitted to keep elephants and only a ban can achieve that. A Code of Practice (DAFM’s current proposal) cannot ensure that the welfare needs of elephants (or tigers etc etc) can be met.

Again, to sign the petition,  click here.

Texts from listeners

  • Sorcha says “I’ve just realised the liquid treatment is use for the dog (for fleas, tics, worms) is overdue by 3 weeks, getting it today….will it be okay?”
  • I have a 6 month old cockapoo that goes to the toilet beside her food and water bowls. The area where she is fed is enclosed, paved and is 6m x 2.4m. Any idea why she is doing this as I thought dogs would not toilet where they eat. This is not my first dog but this is the first time I’ve seen this behaviour. Thanks Danny.
  • My son is six and really wants a pet. We are reluctant to get a dog because we aren’t confident we could give him or her everything he needs. My son doesn’t want goldfish, so would Pete recommend a hamster or budgie or something on the small size that won’t need the level of attention that a dog requires?
  • I have a lovely gentle but mental 2 year old Boxer dog. He gets plenty of exercise and I’m at home all day with him but he chews everything in the back garden..he’s taken pipes off walls, composters, ivy off trees. He has lots of chew toys and I leave him with meaty bones if I’m away for any length of time during the day but we’re at our wit’s end.
  • Our 9yo Shih Tzu won’t stop licking his backside. He had the glands in his back passage relieved about 2 weeks ago but still constantly licking.

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