A new joint-friendly dog harness from Julius-K9

#SP Julius Sebo, the Hungarian founder of Julius K9 dog harnesses, loves to solve puzzles. As the leader of an innovating and pioneering company in the world of dogs, he is always on the lookout for new problems to solve. And with his latest product, he has tackled an issue that many dog owners will be familiar with: how to deal with the stresses imposed on human and dog joints caused by the forces created between owner and dog when out walking on a leash.

Laboratory analysis was used to study tugging on leashes

Many people have studied the movements of dogs to create better equipment, but Julius took this one stage further: he studied the movements of human and dog combined, while a dog was being walked on a leash on a treadmill in a university laboratory.
Julius asked the question: what harmful tuggings and micro-vibrations affect the body – of human and dog – while a dog is walking in front of an owner, attached to a leash and harness? The laboratory used sensors and recording equipment to monitor what was happening, and Julius then decided to create an elastic, joint-friendly dog harness. His aim was to design the perfect connection between human and dog by eliminating the adverse effects of the tugging and micro-tugging which had been recorded in the laboratory.

Lab results led to a special new harness design

The newly designed dog harnesses are equipped with a joint friendly system, with strong elasticated elements built into the sturdy nylon straps, stainless steel rings, strong plastic buckles and a rubberised handle. The elasticated zones come into operation at different load levels, creating an automated buffer that smooths out all jerky movements when a dog is being walked by a human. The newly designed harnesses retain the usual hallmark features of the classic Julius K9 harnesses, such as a neoprene lining, replaceable chest pads, bag and object fasteners (including a slot for a torch), and reflective hems built into the construction. They also have the famous removable and customisable patches that people love to use to allow their pets to carry different messages (from the practical Rescue Dog or Therapy Dog through to the humorous – like Gangster or Lady’s Dog).

The new harnesses are adjustable, to fit all sizes and shapes

All of the straps on the harness are adjustable and simple to open, and the harness is easy to put on and take off, without the need to pull it over the legs of the dog, thanks to the buckles located on both sides. The neoprene lining and a special inner stiffener ensure that it fits closely to the shape of the dog, retaining its shape and size after being used many times.

The colour scheme of the IDC® Longwalk dog harness matches the well-established JULIUS-K9® Colour and Gray® leash collection perfectly. Julius believes that the IDC® Longwalk harness is his best invention so far. The new design has created a new and exciting flagship product which is expected to help dogs and owners alike, allowing them to exercise together more comfortably than ever.

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