Christmas presents for pets and pet lovers- some last minute ideas and tips

Christmas presents for pets and owners? Why not?

This week Ireland AM featured a woman who spent €7000 on her new dog, between purchase price of pup and a range of pet accessories including a doggy pram, “angel wings” and weekly grooming/ fur colouring sessions. It’s a long way from standard pet care, and I’m left wondering how much of it is done for media attention… you can watch the video by clicking here. Judge for yourself!

As for the rest of us – what about some original ideas for presents for pets and pet lovers? I’ve come across a few items recently that might appeal.

A customised book “Fifty Greatest Pets” – starring whoever you want

A friend or family member could star in this book

A friend or family member could star in this book

This clever idea allows you to custom design a book for someone you know who loves their pet. (My father-in-law features above and below: he’ll enjoy being on the opposite page to the Queen). You email the company a few photos and a short spiel, and they insert them into the book. It’s simple but fun, and today (Wednesday 16th December) is the last day that you can order this for Christmas. Visit this website to find out more. It’s priced at £19.50 (€26.80).

New Doc 21_1

Chicken flavoured beer for a dog


Yes, it’s silly and wacky, but why not? Snuffledog Beer is 0% alcohol, so dogs are allowed to drink it safely.

SnuffleDog Beer retails at £2.50 and is available to buy from, Pets at Home, Pets Pyjamas and other independent pet retailers.

The Tangle Free Turbine from Dyson

2802324_060712This is a vacuum cleaner attachment (€62) that’s specially engineered not to get tangled up when sucking up hair and other stringy items. Watch this video to find out how it works.

Dyson also make a really cool Groom Tool (€55) – you can see how it works:

It works well to reduce the fur flying around your home.

You can buy these at many electrical outlets(e.g. Littlewoods)

The Petzi Treat Cam

PTC31 Another innovative idea – the Petzi Treat Cam allows you to (‘see’) video, (‘speak’) audio, (‘snap’) take pictures and (‘treat’) dispense treats to your pets remotely using any internet enabled device at anytime from anywhere.

It costs £110 (€150) and is available on Amazon, here.

Treat launcher

Open ball with foodIf you have a pet that doesn’t naturally chase a ball, what about this idea? You load the hollow ball with dry kibble treats, clip it back together, than throw it for your dog to chase.

When the ball lands, it splits open, spilling the treats onto the ground for your dog to enjoy. It’s an innovative way to encourage a lazy pet to exercise. Priced €13.99, you can buy it here.

A filtered water bowl for your dog or cat

754d4492-a544-4c27-a8aa-7a84329b3cf0This ergonomic, robust, well-designed water bowl is great – you can learn more about it in this short video.  They cost from £33 (€45) and can be bought here.

New pet shampoos


Many people wonder what shampoo to use on their pets – the new range from Pet Splash has been getting great reviews from owners. Priced at €9.99, and available online here, this could make an original gift.

Finally, pet food on sale today: you can “pay what you want” to help a charity

For one day only today, on 16th December, products from this pet food website will be discounted by 10% with customers then able to pay what they wish above this, and half of what they choose to pay is sent to Support Adoption For Pets. This is a UK based initiative (any Irish companies like to follow suit?) and the charity ofers grants to other animal welfare organisations, big and small, across the UK.

The online ‘pay what you want day’ takes place today on December 16th at , starting at 8am until 8pm

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