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In addition to writing for online outlets, for mamy years I have been producing content for podcasts and videocasts. These short, content-rich segments always prove to be popular with animal-loving viewers and listeners, and can be tailor-made for your brand, website and content niche.


In 2015, I produced a series of short videocasts for the pet sitting exchange Working from a list of topics agreed with the site, I answered a series of interesting questions that pet owners had about their animals, along the lines of “Why does my dog do….” from foot-chewing, to bottom-sledging, to reverse sneezing and many more. More recently, I have presented a library of videos with Petfix Club and I do regular IGTV videos with Petfix too (see under podcasts)

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From 2010 onwards, my weekly radio slot with East Coast Radio was made available as a weekly podcast, covering topical issues in the animal world. More recently, I have started to do weekly Instagram TV video podcasts (IGTV) which are half hour video chats with a range of interesting people, always focussing on some aspect of pets and pet care.

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