Ted the 10 year old Beagle

THIS STORY IS FROM OUR ARCHIVESAt ten years of age, Ted is beginning to show some signs of ageing. His muzzle has greyed, and he doesn’t have quite as much energy has he used to have.

Cleo is a 3 year old cross-bred Whippet

THIS STORY IS FROM OUR ARCHIVESAnn Marie adopted Cleo from the DSPCA as a young adult dog and she settled well into the family household: she’s a gentle, good-natured animal, getting on well with everyone.

Toby the 1 year old Cockapoo

THIS STORY IS FROM OUR ARCHIVESWhen Ann decided to get her first family dog, she chose carefully. Her son, Jack, suffers from mild asthma, so she wanted a non-shed dog.