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Kiko is a 7 year old terrier

Back in 2011, when Linzi moved from her home in County Derry to a job near Dublin, it wasn't love at first sight when she met my own dog Kiko. Linzi was lodging in our home, and Kiko is one of our dogs.

Irish Native Breeds with Pete the Vet on Ireland AM | TV3

To watch this video clip from Ireland AM, click on the link below. Over the centuries Ireland has bred and developed dogs with characteristics and physical structure to serve them in their everyday life.

Maggie the 3 month old puppy

Gill has an older dog – Lucy Lou, who’s now fourteen years old and is beginning to slow down with age. Gill thought that a new young friend might give her renewed interest in life.

Five Facts About Lovebirds for St Valentines Day

The following topical guest post was written Digby Bodenham, writing for ExoticDirect pet insurance There are hundreds of colourful and affectionate pet lovebirds in the UK and Ireland, and vet fee in ..

Alice is a rescued seal pup

Maureen's involvement with seal pups started by chance a few years ago. She saw an injured seal pup, named Susie, being rescued by some young people  after she'd been washed up on a Greystones beach.