Pets & Other Animals

Tora is an 11 year old Shiba Inu

THIS STORY IS FROM OUR ARCHIVESThe signs of Tora’s deafness developed suddenly. One day in June, she stopped responding when Suzanne went out into the back garden to bring her inside.

Flash is a 5 year old Beagle

THIS STORY IS FROM OUR ARCHIVESBeagles are a popular breed, but many people don’t realise that as well as having charming personalities, they also tend to have some challenging behaviours.

Kiko is a 12 week old crossbred puppy

THIS STORY IS FROM OUR ARCHIVES The summer is the perfect time to get a new pet: children are off school so they can spend time with the new arrival and the weather is good, so they can all spend more ..

Daisy is a twelve year old Shih Tzu

THIS STORY IS FROM OUR ARCHIVESI remember meeting Daisy for the first time back in 2002: she was a lovely, gentle puppy whom Celine had just acquired from a prestigious line of Kildare Shih Tzus.