Animals are moving up the agenda: there is now a new online “Daily Telegraph Pets” section

The Daily Telegraph has been a long term supporter of animal-related stories

The new Daily Telegraph Pets Section is up and running.

I’ve been writing my column in the Weekend Section of the Daily Telegraph for eight years now, as well as posting regular blogs to the Telegraph online. Up until now, there have been various “pet areas” on the Telegraph website, including “Pets”, “Pet Health” and simple “Blogs”.

There’s some good news this morning: the powers-that-be in the Telegraph have decided to bring all the pet stuff together into one online place, simply called “Pets”.  This is easy to find, on the menu bar at the top, under “Lifestyle“.  Now, for the first time, all the pet-related stories can be found from the main Home page after just two clicks: Life, then Pets.

I appreciate that the significance of this news may not be fully appreciated by everyone, but from my perspective, it’s a significant milestone. Pets are now up there with Men, Women, Interiors and Gardening.  I have known for many years that pets deserve as much attention as these other subjects, but it can be difficult to persuade others to believe this.

So, everyone, please help us make this new section successful. Visit the website as often as you think of it, and please take time to follow any links that I post to interesting stories.

Thanks very much!

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