Limping ducks, cats’ drinking habits and resource-guarding dogs: my weekly Pet Subjects column in the Daily Telegraph

After a bit of a gap, my weekly Pet Subjects column in the Daily Telegraph is once more going up online every week.

Click on the link at the foot of this page to read last week’s copy.

As some of you may have noticed, after a decade in the Weekend Section of the Saturday Daily Telegraph, there has recently been a redesign of the Telegraph newspapers on Saturdays and Sundays. As part of this, my column has been moved to the back page of the Sunday section of the Sunday Telegraph.

I’m happy with the move: it’s an honour to be in such a prominent place in a national newspaper in the UK.

Questions about pets? Send them on to me

I love answering people’s questions about pets: I do this every day as a vet in practice, and it’s fascinating to get some of the strange email and letter-written queries that come my way. I hear about the issues that vets find trickiest: the weird, the challenging and the remarkable. It’s never boring. I may not be able to find the perfect answer for every case, but at least, with my veterinary training and experience, I’m always able to point people in the right direction.

I’m going to start posting a link to the Pet Subjects column every week, so keep an eye on this website or my Facebook page and you’ll be kept up to date.


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