Pet Subjects Rescue: Dogs

Bud is a lovely Lurcher.

Bud featured in Pete's column in the Telegraph on Saturday 7th November 2015. Name: Bud; Age: 6 Years 10 Months: Breed; Lurcher: Sex: Male; Centre: Old Windsor; Reference: 036254.

Midnight, an 11 year old cat

Midnight featured in Pete's column on Saturday 29th August 2015Midnight is with Cats Protection’s Bury St Edmunds branch and has been waiting patiently for a new home since December 2014.

Kia is a 4 year old Akita.

Kia featured in Pete's column in the Telegraph on Saturday 8th August 2015Kia is a playful and friendly girl looking for a relaxing home in a rural area so she has some space and quiet.

Lolly, a 4 year old mongrel

Lolly was the rescue pet that featured in Pete's column in the Telegraph last Saturday - 29th November 2014. Name: Lolly; Age: 4 Years; Breed: Mongrel; Sex: Female; Centre: Old Windsor; Reference: 072942.


Biscuit is a 2 year old Mongrel.

Biscuit features last August 2014 in the Telegraph. Biscuit is an intelligent, energetic youngster who also has sensitive side. He is currently in a foster home as he was finding kennel life very stressful.


Molly, a 7 year old small red boxer.

Molly featured earlier this year in the Telegraph. Molly, aged 7 is a small red boxer, who adores people but sadly dislikes other dogs and needs to be the only one in the home.