Pet Subjects Rescue


Robin, a two year old male Lurcher

Robin featured in April 2013This week’s rescue pet is Robin, a two-year-old male Lurcher. To find out more information please Contact: Battersea Dogs and Cats Home (0843 509 4444).


Womble and Raisin, two greyhound brothers

Womble and Raisin featured in April 2013This week’s rescue pets are Womble and Raisin, two Greyhound brothers. Contact Dogs Trust in Harefield, West London on 0845 076 3647 or visit dogstrust. org.


Ed the guinea pig

Ed featured in March 2013This week’s rescue pet is Ed, a seven-month-old guinea pig. Contact Blue Cross in Burford, Oxon on 0300 777 1570 or email burford@bluecross. org.

Snoop, a friendly cat

Snoop featured in March 2013Cats Protection rescued Snoop from being a stray and, although they managed to find his owner, they weren’t able to take him back.


Jess, a one-year-old spayed female cat.

Jess featured on the 23rd January 2013This week’s rescue pet is Jess, a one-year-old spayed female. For more information, contact the Blue Cross in Torbay on: 0300 777 1550 or visit bluecross. org.


Mickey a neutered male mouse

Mickey featured in June 2012This week’s rescue pet is Mickey, a neutered male mouse from Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare. Mickey is a young neutered male mouse who is ready to go to a new home.


Maggie and Jack, two neutered rabbits

Maggie and Jack featured in March 2012This week’s rescue animals are Maggie and Jack. Maggie (a spayed doe) was brought into Raystede as a stray and is thought to be around four years of age.


Lucy, a friendly young cat

 Lucy was featured on 20th February 2013Lucy was a stray until Cat's Protection took her into their foster care.